Posted on October 5, 2011

With all of this cooler weather that we’ve been having I’ve been craving soup off and on. I love soup! There are so many different kinds of soup you can enjoy and they are so easy to customize to your taste. One of my favorite soups is a baked potato soup from one of my Gooseberry Patch cookbooks.

This soup is so good and it’s fairly easy to prepare from scratch. There is one thing that I do differently to make this soup come together even quicker. Instead of baking the potatoes in the oven, I “bake” them in my potato bag in the microwave. Potato bags make perfect baked potatoes every time. They also make perfect baked potato soup too!

If you do not own a potato bag you need to get one. They are very inexpensive and definitely worth the price. I do not have any pictures of them right now but I will post some pictures soon. My Aunt makes them and sells them so if any of you need one just let me know. 🙂

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