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Romance in the woods

Posted on November 18, 2011

One of the best parts of my job is that I get to connect with people and share in special moments of their lives.  An engagement session is definitely one of those times. There’s just something about being around a happy couple that I find so rewarding. I love to see people happy and in love. The happiness is almost contagious and you just can’t help but share in their joy.

I had a wonderful time working with Lisa and John. They are a lot of fun and they are definitely happy. Check out these images to see what I mean.

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Happy Halloween

Posted on November 1, 2011

I hope that each and every one of you had a wonderful Halloween. It is truly one of my favorite times of year!

I decided to share a different type of Halloween image today, so here is a shot of some Jello Jigglers I made for the kids.


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Birthday Week

Posted on October 21, 2011

This past week was birthday week in our home. Three birthdays within a week of each other, my son’s, my husband’s, and mine. (Of course the guys were on the same day) It was a busy week for us and a lot of fun for us to celebrate our youngest’s first birthday.  Here are a few pictures of the cupcakes and smash cake I made for my little guy’s party.

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Potato Bags

Posted on October 14, 2011

As promised here is the picture of the potato bags. Just wash off your potatoes, put them in the bag and microwave. Soon you will have perfect baked potatoes!! You can also reheat rolls in these bags as well. My Aunt makes these bags and they are super cute. She sells them for only $6, they are totally worth the investment.

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Hooray for October!

Posted on October 14, 2011

I wrote this post a while ago and then I forgot to post it. So I’m posting it now because this week is birthday week.

I am always very excited for October to arrive because of Halloween, not to mention the fact that my husband and I share October birthdays. John and I have always celebrated our birthdays together but then last year our little guy Draiman decided to join our party when he was born on the same day as John. That means this year we will be celebrating Draiman’s first birthday along with our own birthdays! It’s going to be a fabulous October.

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Baked Potato Soup

Posted on October 5, 2011

With all of this cooler weather that we’ve been having I’ve been craving soup off and on. I love soup! There are so many different kinds of soup you can enjoy and they are so easy to customize to your taste. One of my favorite soups is a baked potato soup from one of my Gooseberry Patch cookbooks.

This soup is so good and it’s fairly easy to prepare from scratch. There is one thing that I do differently to make this soup come together even quicker. Instead of baking the potatoes in the oven, I “bake” them in my potato bag in the microwave. Potato bags make perfect baked potatoes every time. They also make perfect baked potato soup too!

If you do not own a potato bag you need to get one. They are very inexpensive and definitely worth the price. I do not have any pictures of them right now but I will post some pictures soon. My Aunt makes them and sells them so if any of you need one just let me know. 🙂

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The magic of children

Posted on September 21, 2011

I just love to photograph children. Not only are they adorable but they have this special magic about them. Just look at the wonder in these eyes. Children are so imaginative and full of personality. I truly love to be around them and watch them as they explore the world.

When I photograph a child I like to capture their true personality. Though I do love smiles not every photo has to have a smile. There are so many other expressions that really tell a lot about a child.

I like to capture images of them playing and just being themselves. I find them to be the most interesting little people. They view the world so differently than us adults and I really admire their fresh perspective.

One of the best parts of my job working with these wonderful little people. They touch my heart in such a special way.

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When I’m not working on photography.

Posted on September 14, 2011

The past few days I’ve had to adjust my routine quite a bit. Usually I spend most of my time working on my photography business. Photography is my passion and I want my business to grow so I spend quite a bit of time working on all kinds of things related to photography. Like I said though, the last few days things have been different. I recently had surgery so I’ve been spending most of my time upstairs away from my boys. I love my little guys so much but at the moment I have to keep my distance a bit as my incisions heal. My guys are little and don’t know any better so when they jump on me, hit or kick me they don’t realize how much  pain they can cause. So to play it safe I’ve been working upstairs for the last few days.

The problem with being upstairs is that my photography work station is down stairs. My calibrated monitor and controlled lighting are all down stairs. With that I decided that it’s best not to work on editing any photos as the moment. Of course there’s the other fact that pain meds make me really woozy. In any case I have taken this opportunity to work on my other business, my Gold Canyon business. My husband brought my laptop, bamboo, and one of my external hard drives up so that I could work on Gold Canyon stuff.

I love Gold Canyon. They are my absolute favorite candles but often times that business falls to the way side as I am usually more concerned with photography. Well I must say that it has been a nice change of pace to work on designing things for my Gold Canyon business for a change.  In these last few days I’ve designed a few marketing materials, updated my facebook fan page, and reconnected with some of my fellow fragrance consultants. I am still very eager to get back to editing soon but I will admit that sometimes it is nice to have a change of pace.

Product photography courtesy of Gold Canyon. I did NOT photograph the products shown here.

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Fall in Findlay, Ohio

Posted on September 6, 2011

With the beginning of September and all of this recent cool weather I find myself thinking of all my fall favorites. The is my favorite time of year. I love fall weather, hearty soups, pumpkin everything, and of course Halloween too.

Here are a few of my fall favorites:

Pumpkins: I love pumpkin bread, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkins in general. Here is one of my favorites photos of a pumpkin.

Gooseberry Patch Cookbooks: I love Gooseberry Patch any time of year but I am particularly fond of some of their fall recipes. Click this link here to try out one of their recipes.

Gold Canyon Candles: Again these are something I enjoy all year long but their fall fragrances are amazing. If you haven’t tried Gold Canyon Candles yet I urge you to do so. They are the best candles I have ever used and believe me I’ve tried a lot of different candle companies. I love them so much that I even sell them. You can check out my candle page here.

Cozy Blankets: Snuggling up with a blanket and watching movies is always fun.

Christmas in October Craft Show: Cloud Productions puts on an amazing craft how every year in Findlay. I love going there to see all the vendors and their new products. I am particularly fond of the handmade soaps I find there every year. One of my favorite vendors of handmade soap is Nimbus Skin. I don’t know if she’ll be at the craft show this year or not but you should definitely check out her olive oil soap if you get the chance. It does wonders for your skin.

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Chile con carne y arroz

Posted on September 3, 2011

I love cooking. I love how you can mix a few different ingredients together and come up with such wonderful meals. Sometimes even the simplest ingredients blend into amazing new flavors. Cooking and baking are things I’ve enjoyed since I was a kid. So tonight I decided to make one of my favorites, chile con carne.  For those of you that don’t speak Spanish it’s basically pork chunks in a chile sauce served with Mexican rice.

Simmering the pork in the chile sauce makes the pork very tender and the flavors blend well.

The smoky chipotle flavor was amazing. This meal goes perfectly with some flour tortillas. Delicious!

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